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The Greek Mountain Tea

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Taste Greek Mountain Tea by the Herbs In The Sun ® series.


The first herb in the Herbs In The Sun® series, we bring to the market, is Greek Mountain Tea. We selected five endemic varieties of the genus Sideritis of the Lamiaceae family, from four different parts of Greece. We selected small organic growers, contributing to their financial support. Our aim is to offer the Greek producer the place he deserves in the national and international network of beverage consumption. We have created a unique blend that, through its gentle and discreet taste and earthy aroma, has the healing power to which it derives its name (Sideritis …from iron). Greek Mountain Tea is one of the most balanced herbs. Many scientific studies prove that it benefits sore throat, is anti-inflammatory, provides cough relief, is nutritious, detoxifies from previous day’s alcohol abuse, helps digestion. People following homeopathic treatment have a qualitative choice, since Greek Mountain Tea contains is caffeine free.

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